[auto shop adessa] TA22,TA23,RA20,RA28,RA29, Restoration specialty store of Classic Celica

auto shop adessaとは

From the stay of the Classic Celica in eyes to ownership ….

The Classic Celica can be owned like a present car.
Moreover, it is also possible to treat like a present car without the stress.
How if the stress is removed for that? Will you make that car that was the yearning actually run?

I will help auto shop adessa in ..high quality.. technology for such a ClassicCelica fan.

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Sorry,I'll close a shop of parts temporarily with December 30, 2014.(Japan Standard Time).
I moved to a new store from August 1.
Address:5-9 Migata-cho Izumi-city Osaka, 594-0042 Japan
I expect a message and coming to the store.
Thank you.