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A body rigidity at that time, operativeness, and the comfort are renewed.
I will make up the vehicle of the customer specification that the customer requests.

Work list

The usage condition such as the pillar detainment and the bulk head penetration is assumed from four point type roll bar, and I will propose and produce it.

Risk, the production of the lining including the seat Cho substitution and the bucket seat installation, the dash made of aluminum for the race, and the production such as meter panels are received.

I will also propose the chassis that considers the function of riding comfort and the
height adjustment from foot surroundings to run.


I will propose and construct making comfortably and making of various electric surroundings such as the light surroundings, the ignition systems, and fuel pump electromagnetic pump making safe.


We will recommend the fiber parts with lightening and the advantage of not rusting today when a pure exterior parts have almost become the abolition boards.
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* Pay is a standard, and accompanied part price, processing, and detaching pay, etc.
might separately become necessary. Moreover, the price might move up and down by the specification and the demand, etc.

Please inquire from a form here when there is an uncertain point.
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